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Alphena Yachts was founded in 2007 with the aim of applying the advanced technologies and innovations coming from offshore racing to resolutely top of the range luxury yachts intended for exclusive uses. Our premium dayboats are the fruit of a close collaboration between our technical teams, our partner Loick Peyron, the architect Tanguy Le Bihan and the designer Anthony Fritsch.

Beyond our craftsmanship know-how and passion for perfection, Alphena Yachts was created around four core values: efficiency, sensations, elegance and earth care.
In all this, our dayboats are unique and exceptional.


Sailing is a gliding sport. Many people have forgotten this aboard sanitized series ships. With Loïck Peyron as an expert, our goal is to provide lively boats, with fine and balanced helms to access easily to the most exhilarating sensations of sailing

Our hulls, keels, rudders, rigs and deck layouts are designed and configured to allow everyone, without necessarily being a great sailor, to discover or recover the intense sensations of mastered glides.



Length 8,49 m
Beam 2,36 m
Draft 1,60 m
Displacement 1 800 Kg
Lest 600 Kg
Mainsail 23 m2
Jib 15 m2
Spinacker 55,0 m


Latitude 46 stays with you to fulfill your dream. Join our team of experts for a sailing test and visit our facilities.